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Waverley Preparatory School and Day Nursery


Waverley Ballet allows our children to express themselves through music and movement of their bodies. Children in our Nursery 3 and Foundation classes are able to participate in our ballet lessons.

Skills Children Learn

One of the first things that children learn is how to stand correctly and walk gracefully. Our ballet lessons enable children to:

  • Balance
  • Skip
  • Jump
  • Stand on one foot
  • Bend

Benefits of Ballet

Ballet is a wonderful way for a child to release energy physically, emotionally, socially and creatively. 

The children learn to express their imagination through dance, such as pretending to have wings to fly gracefully or marching like soldiers sharply. Children gain confidence as they learn skills alongside each other, and also learn to express their feelings through movement, facial expressions and storytelling skills. 

Ballet also helps maintain focus and concentration levels, especially as the children learn dance sequences of steps and routines and perform these weekly. 

Ballet also enhances listening and attention skills. 

Our Sessions and Fees

 Our ballet sessions consist of one 30 minute lesson per week. We include 10 lessons a term. Ballet is an extra-curricular activity and incurs an additional fee. Please contact our Admissions team if you would like to know more at admissions@waverleyschool.co.uk.

Ballet Watching Week

 Once a term, we invite parents to watch the last sessions. We advise parents of the date on our weekly Parent Communication. This is a wonderful way for children to share what they have learned and achieved.

Our Ballet Teacher - Mrs Crouch

Mrs Becky Crouch is our Waverley Nursery Ballet Teacher. She works with us as our SENDCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) and EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stages) Coordinator and has been a member of Waverley staff since 2011. 

Mrs Crouch began dancing when she was 2 years old with the dance company Jayne A Coleman Academy of Dance, and she grew up with a passion for performing on stage. Mrs Crouch is now an experienced teacher, teaching tap, ballet and modern at the dance company JACAD. She has prepared pupils for dance exams, show and competitions, including the All England Dance World Cup. 

Ballet Uniform

Girls uniform is:

  • Lilac capped sleeved leotard
  • Lilac wrapped skirt
  • Pink ballet shoes
  • Pink ballet socks or pink ballet tights

Boys uniform is:

  • White t-shirt
  • Navy shorts
  • White socks
  • White ballet shoes

Waverley ballet uniform can be purchased at Dancia International in Crowthorne.

Tel: 01344 286884. 

Website: https://www.dancia.co.uk/dance-shop/crowthorne/