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Waverley Preparatory School and Day Nursery

Chinese New Year Celebrations At Waverley Nursery

Our Nursery children have been taking part in multitude of Chinese New Year celebrations. These included our Babies using pincers and fingers to find Chinese images and objects in a red spaghetti tray.

Our Nursery 2 children have been looking at the colours of red, yellow and orange. They experimented with pipettes and added different food colouring to materials to see what effect this had. This included using paint to colour some frozen ice and also creating patterns in sand on the light pad to find different colours shining through. The Nursery Educators coloured some playdough into these celebratory colours and then, using child scissors and knifes, the children cut the coloured playdough up. They then had to match each colour of playdough and put it on the correct colour spot. The children also took part in some experiments of mixing red and yellow together to create the new colour of orange. Finally, they celebrated Chinese New Year with the creating their own playdough dragons. They pretended to move their bodies like long, roaring dragons, up and down and side to side!

In Nursery 3, their topic of ‘fire’ led nicely to their Chinese New Year celebrations and this year’s animal being the dragon. The children made their own Chinese New Year dragon pictures with tissue paper and glue. They also learnt some simple Mandarin phrases. They then linked their Chinese New Year celebrations with maths! The children attempted to match up the correct number of red pom poms to the numbered flame. With help from Educators, the children counted along the flames and worked out whether they need more or less pom poms to reach a particular numbered flame.